At Plumb, we believe that trust and reliability are core to building great products. That’s why we’ve built them into Plumb’s DNA. We safeguard your data like it’s our own, and take extra measures to ensure your security and privacy at every layer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Plumb secure?

Yes. Data security and privacy are top priorities for our team, internally and externally. We hold ourselves to the highest security standards, and take every possible measure to ensure that your data is safe and secure, whether you’re a small, scrappy startup or an established enterprise.

How does Plumb protect my data?

We secure all customer data by employing advanced encryption technologies for data in transit and at rest.

  • In Transit: Every piece of data sent to and from our servers is encrypted using industry-standard encryption protocols. This ensures that your information is unreadable and secure during transmission.

  • At Rest: We also encrypt data at rest, safeguarding your information while it's in the hosted Supabase instance. This dual-layer encryption means that your data is always protected, whether in motion or at rest.

Is Plumb SOC2 compliant?

Not yet — but we understand that compliance with SOC2 and other data privacy and security frameworks is important to many of our customers and their end-users. We’re on track to becoming SOC2 compliant by 2025.

More questions?

If you have additional questions we haven’t covered here, reach out! Email or, if you’re already a customer, ping our team directly in Slack.